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Welcome to the Crown Society. Our pageant journey is more than just winning a crown; it's about thriving in every aspect of life. Our members come from different backgrounds but all share the same goal - to succeed in pageantry and beyond. Join us and discover the latest secrets of creating a successful pageant journey and how to shine in your everyday life.

Black Marble


Join our community of incredible women who strive for excellence in pageantry. We believe that accountability and support are essential to success, which is why we provide a welcoming platform for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion. Stay motivated and reach your goals with our online group chats.


Greatest self

Our monthly classes at greatest self are designed to help you develop a winning mindset and excel not only in pageantry but in all aspects of life. Our expert instructors provide motivational tips and insider advice to help you become your best self. In addition, our PDFs cover every detail of pageantry, from walking in heels to answering interview questions.


Win your next Pageant

Winning your pageant starts with the right resources and support. Our Winning Your Pageant membership provides you with everything you need to succeed, including monthly topics filled with insider tips and tricks, exclusive meetings, and personalized support from our team of experts. Sign up today and take the first step towards achieving your dream of becoming a beauty pageant winner!

What's inside the society?


Monthly classes

One of the monthly highlights of joining the society is not only having all access to any courses the Crown Coach but exclusive classes only held for the society.

Hair & Makeup classes

Confidence & goal setting workshops

Monthly topics to prepare for your next competition

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All the exclusive perks of being in the society

- Monthly online class 

- Goal setting and motivation 

- Access to all online classes

- 25% off online 1-1s 

- 10% off face to face

- Pageant resources

- Social media class

- The society group chat

- Pageant parent guide

- No contract


Best Value

Crown Society



Every month

Join the Society and be ready to be empowered, motivated and held accountable

Valid until canceled

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