Pageants in the UK

The UK has some incredible pageant systems that cover all ages, shapes, sizes, and have differing focuses from modelling, charity, legacy and just having fun. I've brought together a list of some of the UK's best to help you discover what could be your journey to the crown. 

Research your system, have a look at the previous winners and don't be afraid to message the directors or Queens to find out more, in my experience they have always been helpful and welcoming. Don't forget you can book in to discuss your next steps using the 15 minute free consultation option, I will be pleased to help you decide which system resonates with you and your goals.

Miss Voluptuous

Miss Voluptuous Pageants returns for a fifth year in 2022, with even more to offer; we pride ourselves on providing an experience unlike any other, allowing each contestant to immerse herself fully in our Pageant Sisterhood. This isn't just a pageant; it's an empowerment program.

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Miss Universe GB

As an organisation run by women, for women, we are keen to encourage young women to grow in confidence, build their self-esteem and reach for their goals on both a personal and professional level.


Miss Teen Great Britain

The Miss Teen GB competitions are for girls and teenagers aged 10-19. Three winners are crowned, they are; Little, Junior, and Miss Teen Great Britain. This is not your average pageant, with 50% of the judging being based on the interview with the judges. This competition is about much more than a pretty face!

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Miss England

In the national final of Miss England, the contestants are given the task of raising funds and awareness once again. The top fundraiser is then named ‘Miss Charity’ & fast tracked through to the final 20 from all 50 finalists. If ‘Miss Charity’ does not win the national ‘Miss England’ title,  she is invited along to a special fundraising presentation, highlighting the incredible work carried out by the Charity.

Over £1billion has been raised across the World by Miss World Beauty with a Purpose for disadvantaged children and youngsters which is quite remarkable. The founder of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ Julia Morley, was awarded a Variety Humanitarian Award for her incredible work in 2016 and continues to fund amazing causes around the world every year.  Miss World becomes a Global Charity Ambassador for the cause to highlight the amazing work the charity does.


Miss Intercontinental GB

The Miss Intercontinental UK pageant provides England, Scotland and Wales the entry to Miss Intercontinental every year. Women aged 18-27 have the chance to represent their country internationally.

Enter the 48th Miss Intercontinental pageant now, one of the most prestigious pageants across the world.

While the sash and crown have become pop culture mainstays, the Miss Intercontinental event has grown to become an ultimate show and icon of female beauty and success.

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Miss Earth UK

Miss EARTH launched as an annual national event in the UK in 2007 thanks to the lady behind the scene’s Louise Powell, working on behalf of Carousel Productions Inc the founders of Miss EARTH® who decided to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions for the new millennium in 2001.


International Junior Miss

International Junior Miss UK is a beauty pageant organised to encourage the positive achievements of young ladies aged 4 to 24. In February 2020 we crowned six National titleholders who have won the trip of a lifetime to compete internationally in TEXAS at International Junior Miss.


Young European Miss 

Young European International Pageant is a system set up with the intent of empowering women everywhere. We have an open platform policy that allows and encourages girls from ages 7+ to support the charities and organisations of their choice whilst promoting themselves and their title.


Helping girls and women to gain confidence, experience, friendship and a unique family with women of different backgrounds from all over the UK with one love in common... Pageantry.

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Miss Supernational UK

This TV Show Spectacular enjoys not only tremendous viewing figures and popularity in the host country Poland but also internationally across the globe. The competition has made a huge impact in the Pageant World, where experts have rated Miss Supranational as one of the Top 3 most important and prestigious international pageants in the world. Our motto is Glamour, Fashion and Natural Beauty.

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Miss Atlantic

We aim to inspire, empower and encourage those who are a part of the Atlantic system to thrive in the work they do within their communities and across the nation. Whilst bettering themselves as individuals. Allowing them to grow in self confidence and build their self esteem. We believe that as women we can achieve anything we set our minds too. The Atlantic system ensures that every contestant has the ultimate experience competing for a national title.

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Pure United Kingdom

Pure International Pageants strives to promote the values of good self-esteem and self-confidence in contestants of all ages. Contestants are encouraged to use the tools and opportunities offered to them through our organisation to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.  PURE is a Christian organisation founded on Biblical principles that focuses on helping our contestants to love themselves and discover their self worth while building their faith in Christ, enhancing and restoring the family unit, and expanding opportunities to improve communities around the world through our #BeTheImpact initiative. 

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Miss Scuba UK

Our aim is to introduce girls to the diving professionals, through this they will see the beauty of our oceans and how important they are to each and everyone of us.

In turn we hope to introduce divers to the pageant world, an environment where girls raise awareness to so many good causes while having fun, meeting new people and potentially travelling around the world.

The Miss Scuba International ethos is

'Saving oceans through beauty"

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Miss Scotland

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Miss Royal Sapphire

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Miss Mystic Beauty

1. To celebrate all women's individual and diverse beauty - be your own kind of beautiful.

2. To empower all women to become the best versions of themselves.

3. To inspire women to achieve their personal goals.

4. To provide a platform to build confidence and personal growth.

5. To provide an equal and inclusive system for women from all walks of life.

6. To build friendships with like-minded and diverse women.

7. To raise awareness for important causes. 

8. To build community cohesion by supporting the local community.

9. To support small businesses by providing opportunities for business growth.

10. To support charitable work and encourage compassion

Miss United Kingdom Rose  

Pageant for everyone no matter what age or size everyone welcome

Crown and Glory

Crown & Glory Pageant has been set up to provide a fun, friendly experience which encourages community work and making friends for life with ladies from all over the UK and Europe.

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Miss International UK

The winner of Miss International UK will win a trip to Japan to compete in the Miss International final. Pageant Girl launched Miss International in the UK in 2014 & this was the first time that the live UK finals had been held for more than two decades. The team were honoured to bring this incredible pageant back to the UK!


Miss GB

The UKs oldest and most prestigious pageant celebrated its 75th anniversary on Friday 21st February at a glittering event in Leicester.

Over 400 guests watched the live event held at the Athena in Leicester, where 60 ladies took to the stage in fashion wear, swimwear and evening wear before being interviewed live on stage.

The event this year supported two charities, Cancer Research UK and midlands based Alex’s Wish, conquering Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and raised a staggering £42,000 for these worthy causes.


Miss Grand Team UK

The Miss Grand United Kingdom pageant sends yearly representatives from England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland to the Miss Grand International Pageant. Giving 4 girls the opportunity to represent their home countries or countries of heritage. Open to those 17 (turning 18 before internationals) – 27. With a minimum height of 5’6ft.


Miss Galaxy UK

We are proud to introduce you to UK Galaxy Pageants. We produce the Mrs Galaxy, Ms Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, Miss Teen Galaxy & Junior Miss Galaxy competitions in the United Kingdom. Mrs, Ms, Miss, Miss Teen, & Junior Miss Galaxy is open to all girls and young women aged 12 upwards and were first launched in 2008.


Miss Pageant Girl UK

2019 was the first time that a Miss Pageant Girl UK was crowned! She won an incredible £1,000 cash prize, amongst other prizes! Miss Pageant Girl & Miss Teen Pageant Girl UK will be ambassadors for the Pageant Girl organisation and will have an amazing year as part of the Pageant Girl family!


UK's National Miss

UK’s National Miss is a pageant like no other! It will include all of the glamour of a pageant plus the opportunity to grow confidence & gain real world skills…combined with all of the fun of the girliest weekend with your friends.


Royal International Miss

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Miss Diamond

Miss Diamond UK is now preparing for its 5th pageant, that will see  6 UK winners get the opportunity to represent  the UK at Regency International Pageant in Las Vegas 

We celebrate the beauty and diversity of every woman and are committed to promoting positive body image therefore we have no height or weight limits, we also welcome married women and mothers.


Miss Eco UK

Our MISS ECO UNITED KINGDOM 2021 will represent the UK at the prestigious Miss Eco International competition in Egypt. Miss Eco International is widely regarded as one of the top ten beauty pageants in the world.


Our MISS ENVIRONMENT UK 2021 will represent the UK at the inaugural edition of the Miss Environment International competition in India.


Miss Pageant Queen

This is a special title for a Queen to work alongside the directors for the coming year, to support any events and charity work and to support the newly crowned queens and the finalists for the following year. This title is judged from the scores on the night of the final, the scores for the interview (if opted in) and previous work undertaken throughout her pageant year as a finalist, and from a previous "Pageant CV" The directors will also be involved in the judging process for this title and it will be independently adjudicated. Finalists from both Miss & Ms categories only can qualify for this title.

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Miss Wales

The Miss Wales competition has been going since the 1950’s and in recent years has grown to become more popular than ever with around 1,000 women registering an interest in the competition each year. 

The winner is automatically guaranteed a place at the most respected and established beauty contest in the world - Miss World. She also wins an exciting package of prizes. In recent years, the competition has also raised more than £600,000 for children’s charities in Wales.


Miss Paragon

We are a pageant system empowering women and girls across the UK!

We accept all from ages 4 upwards and have a variety of divisions, including Curve!


Miss Inspiration  

This competition is open to contestant’s aged 6 years and upwards. We are accepting entries from all over the UK (England Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

There is no age limited, you can be married and/or have children.

We are a natural pageant and have no height, weight, size, shape or ethnic restrictions. We celebrate each and every girl/women.

Miss Natural Beauty

Miss natural beauty international - dream believe achieve!

Miss Ghana UK 

Our Beauty Pageant – Miss Ghana UK, is guided by two fundamental principles – Beauty with brains and Beauty with purpose.

It provides a platform for beautiful,talented and intelligent young women of Ghanaian descent to gain confidence, meet new people, learn public speaking and grow into responsible young adults.

We also use the event to actively promote tourism to Ghana by highlighting rich Ghanaian culture, its friendly people and its historically significant sites.