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Coaching services

Award Winning Coaching

Cancellation Policy

Online Bookings 

You can move your online booking up to 48hours prior to your arranged time slot, after this the booking can not be amended. Please contact me if issues arise preventing you from keeping your booking and whilst every effort will be made to accommodate you, the payment for the time will not be refundable.


Any time missed due to non attendance or late to your appointment will not be rolled forward. 

Face to Face Bookings

All bookings are final, if you need to change date of attendance you can do so up to 7 days prior to your booking. Within the 7 day period if you are not able to attend we will always attempt to sell your space for you. Please allow enough time to find the venue and parking as all sessions are back to back so any late arrivals will impact only your time slot.

Crown Camp & Island

All retreat bookings are final and are non refundable, if you can not attend the date booked whilst we will always try to accommodate your needs we will try to resell your place on your behalf and the buyer will reimburse you directly.Booking fees are non refundable 


Retreat bookings are managed and approved to ensure safety and avoid conflict therefore your place is not transferable to any other person without the prior knowledge and consent of The Crown Coach.

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