At The Crown Camp, no two days are the same.


You will be welcomed with an arrival ceremony, where you will have the opportunity to meet your new roommates and fellow pageant girls. For a lot of you, this may be your first chance to network with other queens within the community. This ceremony will be filled with ice breakers and fun introductory games to help you settle in.


Following this, you will be shown to your rooms inside the incredible mansion, where you can unpack and settle in before heading down to dinner. At The Crown Camp, all food and meals are catered for, however, please feel free to bring along any snacks or sweets for a sneaky midnight feast. All staff will be on hand to cater to those with dietary requirements or allergies, so please do not feel this would be an issue!


The night will kick off with a PJ party, filled with activities such as karaoke, discos, games and challenges, all designed to let your hair down and have fun! If this is not your scene, you are welcome to spend the evening watching a film or enjoying the house facilities such as the hot tub. We will never make you feel pressured into doing anything you are not comfortable with; you have the freedom to do what you want when you want.


Our second day will commence with a continental breakfast to set you up for a full day of pageant filled activities. All guests will be invited to a group coaching session with Harriotte Lane, with 1-to-1 coaching opportunities available as an added extra. In these sessions, you will be taught how to walk, and present yourself on stage, in a judgement-free environment.


Each crown camp is different, and have previously included experiences such as bespoke fitness classes from enthusiastic personal trainers. There will also be the opportunity to book a photoshoot with pageant photographer Charlotte Clemie for an additional cost, to perfect those poses and that all-important headshot.

During the free time between activities, girls are welcome to chill out in the TV room, take Instagram content or spend time in the hot tub. Lunch and dinner will also be provided.


As the evening falls, we will commence our infamous pink party, where we will celebrate all things pink and glamorous, with pink outfits and pink treats. The evening will be accompanied by music, dancing, and of course many photo opportunities to capture the moment before diving into the hot tub. You may have seen these pics over on our Instagram page @thecrowncoach!


The Crown Camp will conclude with breakfast and a 10 am departure, where will say our goodbyes until next time.


What support is available?

Staff will be available at all times to help you with absolutely anything throughout your stay. Whether this is a helping hand making introductions or any medical issues, we will be there to help. All we ask is if there are any dietary requirements, or medical issues we need to be aware of, to let us know beforehand so we can prepare and help support you as much as we can over the weekend.


Where is The Crown Camp located?

The Crown Camp currently takes place in Yorkshire. Details of the address will be emailed to you closer to the date of arrival, and will never be posted online for safety reasons. 


In the near future, we hope to extend The Crown Camp to new exciting locations.


Can I attend for one day only?

At the moment, the Crown Camp is only available for those willing to attend the entire weekend. This allows for maximum team building and friendship making for all attendees. If weekends aren’t for you, there are many individual Crown Classes with Harriotte over on The Crown Coach website.


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